Fancy footwear @ Euro’s. What to look out for – Part 2

So, yesterday I profiled the Nike and Adidas range for the upcoming Euro 2012 Championships. But as you all know, these are not the only 2 big players on the market when it comes to awesome boots on feature at this years tournament. While some of you may be hard-line Nike and Adidas fans, there are others who might want to keep their eyes open for something else. Here’s a look at what they’ll be up against.


In the past couple years, Puma has really emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the footballing world, investing heavily in the sport even to the point where the CEO values the brands positioning within football over an ad-revenue generating machine like Usain Bolt.

Puma has also gone from sponsoring a handful of good players under their umbrella to boasting a list of household names and world stars on their books, luring them away from their contracts with giants like Nike and Adidas. This is evident with the likes of Radamel Falcao, Sergio Aguero, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and Steven Pienaar all recently joining the German Sportswear brand after being with other brands previously.

Well known for its overwhelming presence in terms of African National team sponsorship, we’ll be able to see Puma in action on the backs of the Italian and Czech national team players. But it’s the boot’s we’re worried about. Here’s what you’ll be able to see this summer.

Puma PowerCat 1.12

Since its introduction in late October the PUMA PowerCat 1.12 soccer boot has caught the attention of many through its use by FC Barcelona and Spain midfielder Cesc Fàbregas.

From the looks of it, the boot is quite eye popping and I particularly like the design of the sole-plate. The famous PUMA Cat remains on the inside and outside uppers of the PowerCat 1.12 accented in gold/red. The new version of the boot has the Cat on a red background on the outside to really make it stand out, a welcomed touch for the iconic logo.

The boot is a comfortable fit and slides onto the foot effortlessly with enough breathing space, while the bladed stud configuration allows for some good traction. The boot is most suited to midfielders who fancy the accurate pass or powerful shot from range.

Puma evoSPEED 1

Puma’s other boot offering this summer, the evoSPEED 1, is one is designed with simplicity but intended to perform and, like the Adidas F50 range, is geared more towards speed, acceleration and flair.

Designed around the principal of ‘light, flex & fit’, the goal of the Puma evoSPEED 1 is to create one of the single best performing lightweight soccer shoes on the market today.

Using an all-new single-piece synthetic upper, the evoSPEED 1 offers an exceptional feel for the ball, whilst moulding seamlessly with the players foot for an excellent fit.

While Sergio Aguero is the main face of the boot, you’ll be able to spot these on the feet of Mario Gomez at this years tournament


Lotto has a long tradition in Italian football and is known around the world for staying true to Italian football values. They may not be as common or as well know as their previously mentioned counterparts, but they’ve certainly got some stunning boots worth mentioning.

Lotto Stadio Potenza II

This boot has already landed on pitch, after appearing in the Italian Cup final with Napoli’s Christian Maggio. Now the boots are ready to play a part in Italy’s pursuit of Euro glory this summer!

The Lotto Stadio is one of the classic football boots to be found in the game, a benchmark of quality leather performance and craftsmanship. The name ‘Stadio’ isn’t out of place, when being mentioned among such greats as Copa Mundial, Tiempo, King and Morelia.

Lotto Fuerzapura III

With a unique style and a soft comfortable K-Leather upper, the Fuerzapura series has made giant strides since first being launched in 2010. The boots feature a well balanced combination of technology and traditional boot design. With a higher concentration on quality leather, the boot has made its way onto the European scene with performances notably coming from Serie A.

Lotto Zhero Gravity II

The Lotto Zhero Gravity II 100 football boots are out there on their own in terms of pioneering, and are a boot that always generates debate amongst the boot community. Now 10 years on from the original concept, Lotto’s laceless boots are as popular as ever and this new design with Risk Red/White colourway has a certain Italian cool about it.

These next generation Lotto Zhero Gravity 100 football boots are a more eccentric design than the previous incarnation and are simply unmissable on any football pitch! They certainly grab attention, and if it’s innovation you’re looking for then Lotto scores top marks by designing a boot with no laces. At a time when vibrant colours, innovative tech and speed boots go hand-in-hand, Lotto have delivered on all fronts.

Lotto players to look out for  – Christian Maggio (Italy), Federico Balzaretti (Italy) and Morgan De Sanctis (Italy)

Now that you’ve had a look on what’s in store, which of the profiled boots would you choose. Here’s to spotting some cool boots and watching some great football over the coming weeks.


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